Dr. Weller and the scope clock

Apart from meters, the universe is also filled with clocks. In this adventure, Dr. Weller has a run-in with a special kind of clock.

The clock is based on a heathkit IO-102. Combined with the SparkFun O-Clock (unfortunately not produced anymore), it makes for an oscilloscope based clock. However, the case is in want of some attention. A couple of basic designs on the right for the possibilities. After a small internal fight, the design on the far right wins!

First the internal support is made. Some glue, screws and plywood combined create enough of a base to house the tube and electronics. Next step is to cover this.

A piece of plywood is kerfed wit the help of Mr. TS. This doesn’ t take this strong of a curve as hoped. Time for a plan B for the top.

Say hello to my little friends. A team of portable (impact) drills deliver a top top. Help for the cracks is flown in and the father and son team of putty knives fills this up.

Painting it with a primer and sky blue finishes the case. Unfortunately the old electronics of the scope seem to have serious medical issues.

WARNING: The following parts contain pictures containing the open bowls of the Heathkit scope. Those with weak stomachs or emotional attachment should proceed with caution.

What a mess my dear readers. How will the electronics ever work again?

Enter our hero of the day: Dr. Weller! And his (t)rusty little helper. In a puff of smoke, whilst sweating from the heat during a 12 hour surgery, the electronics are back alive! Time to mount on the controlling knobs.

The original housing is “slightly” modified by another hero (Jiggy S.) And the front plate is sliced into reusable parts for the knobs.

A quick assembly later, and the scope clock is in it’s housing. An oak ring to finish of the bezel completes the scope-clock for a true holly wood style fotoshoot!

The End