Final Weatherstation Quest

Wall Mounted - Side View

Learning from the previous adventures regarding meters of the moving-coil kind and the moving iron kind it is time for the final weatherstation quest. This is a quest that will take about 3/4 martian years. This quests start with an actual search. The search to find a ton of meters in second hand stores and … Read more

Meter Clock

Wall Mounted Meter Clock

In a universe filled with clocks and meters. It was bound to happen that the two would meet. Another meter that has seen better days. Two of them in fact. The needles are still OK though, but they need a small trim… The End

G. Rinder And The Textmeter

Text Meter

In this galaxy filled with meters, there is a hero that flies with sparks. And lets sparks fly. This is G. Rinder (or G for friends). This is his adventure where he encounters a rusty old meter in need of assistance. Adding a USB cable covered in a hollow brown shoelace nice vintage cable to … Read more

Arduino Hero Toolbox & The Plantmeter

Plantmeter in action

In this adventure the Arduino Hero Toolbox has a run in with a different kind of meter than it is used to… The antagonist of this story rises as a Hartmann & Braun type portable 60 ampere gauge. Looking inside we find the meter mechanism and a fairly large coil. The coil consists of four … Read more

Mr. TS & The Temperature Humidity Meter

Temperature Humidty Meter Box

All the heroes in this universe run into meters rather sooner than later. This time Mr. TS (Or Table Saw for those who are not friends) has a run in with one. He helps getting two moving coil meters out of retirement and back into active service as temperature and humidity weather station for indoor … Read more