Meter Clock

Wall Mounted Meter Clock

In a universe filled with clocks and meters. It was bound to happen that the two would meet. Another meter that has seen better days. Two of them in fact. The needles are still OK though, but they need a small trim… The End

G. Rinder And The Textmeter

Text Meter

In this galaxy filled with meters, there is a hero that flies with sparks. And lets sparks fly. This is G. Rinder (or G for friends). This is his adventure where he encounters a rusty old meter in need of assistance. Adding a USB cable covered in a hollow brown shoelace nice vintage cable to … Read more

Dr. Weller and the scope clock

Scope clock fotoshoot

Apart from meters, the universe is also filled with clocks. In this adventure, Dr. Weller has a run-in with a special kind of clock. The clock is based on a heathkit IO-102. Combined with the SparkFun O-Clock (unfortunately not produced anymore), it makes for an oscilloscope based clock. However, the case is in want of … Read more