A Microsoft Teams Adventure


For some strange reasons the heroes find themselves communicating more and more using “Unified Communication” programs. Microsoft teams in particular. This has made them think about two things: Easy buttons to mute,unmute accept and decline calls A way to show to others that you are “Busy” (e.g. In a Call) To start of, 3DP performs … Read more

3DP get’s a camera Arm Upgrade


The camera arm in 3DP’s previous adventure had a few shortcomings. And since the server running octolapse can be freed as of lately, the raspberry pi proxy-bypass is not needed anymore. So, time for an upgrade story! The timelapses for 3D printing are a common sight online. One of the most inspiring creators is Joel … Read more

3DP and dizzy time-lapses

C910 on timelapse arm

3DP is somewhat vain. He loves to makes time-lapses of his print with the help of octolapse. He got inspired by WildRoseBuilds to create a setup for making moving and high quality time-lapses. The End