Fourth of April 2020
Due to the corona crisis I have got some more time on my hand to make projects. I want to share the process of making some of these with you. As a guide / reference or just for inspiration.

About Build Comics

Build Comics is a website on which I create these comic like strips that show the process of me making things. Please practice safety when using the comics as a guide! I must disclaim that I do not take responsibility when you hurt yourself when you use this site as any guide. My website serves as an example, not as an exact guide. Use at your own professional discretion.

About Me

I am an engineer during office hours and an engineer outside office hours. I dream up all kinds of crazy things that I want to have (or gift). But I rarely find the things I dream up in webshops, nor can I afford to have them created for me. Therefore I make them myself. I like learning new skills and the challenge of creating the things I imagine.